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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Mylapore's MLA, S. V. Shekher is inviting people to share with him ideas for projects that can funded from the MLA Fund.
Asked recently, he said that suggestions included building an indoor stadium at the Corporation ground on South Canal Bank Street, Mandaveli (near the AirTel offices), lights for the Chitrakulam tank area and indicator sign boards in the Mada Streets area.
If you want to suggest projects that benefit the local community or projects that need attention now, mail your note to -
They will be posted on the blog / published in the newspaper too.
I welcome and suggest MLA to take up the cause for a multi purpose indoor stadium with assistance from respective sports federations. But will the Corpn hand it over for developing it as a indoor stadium? But now it is only being allowed to rot and become a garbage dump, so I do wish it becomes a useful place for developing young minds and their body too!
Muthu Kumar
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