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Friday, June 09, 2006
  Give me written complaints: MLA
Mylapore’s newly elected MLA, S. Ve. Shekher says tha the would like to receive written complaints from people who wish to raise local issues through him. He also invites such correspondents to prove a concise background on the issue they raise in their e-mails or letters so that he can appreciate the issue better.

Shekher shared his thoughts at a well attended face-to-face meeting organised by The Kalyan Nagar Residents’ Association in Mandaveli last Sunday. The meet began on a shrill note, with a few speakers expressing the hope that the ‘community’ could now expect greater attention and support.

Shekher however made it clear that he was the MLA of the whole constituency (which covers Mylapore and Adyar) and that the MLA fund of one crore rupees given by the state and due toeach MLA, would be spent on priority issues that affect the poor.

He said that he would be willing to sit at meetings organised by the public and discuss issues. There was a suggestion from an Adyarite that residents-volunteers in different areas of the constituency could be the liaison betwen the residentsand the MLA on local issues.

Meanwhile, Shekher has opened two e-mail accounts.The IDs are - and Those who wish to correspond with him directly can do so.

‘Mylapore Times’ has launched a blog on the Mylapore MLA. It will feature news and coverage on the MLA and the constituency and provide space to post plaints /suggestions / ideas. Log on to -
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