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Thursday, June 01, 2006
  A blog on the MLA: why?
Tapping technology to connect with local politics can be one of the many ways to nurture healthy grassroot politics. Though, this alone will not deliver magical results.

One, it opens up a transparent, documented and public dialogue between people and their MLA.

Two, it provides space for the voices of people as well as the MLA.

Three, it opens up the dialogue that one person or a group wishes to have with the MLA.
Individual phone calls and private e-mails restrict the issue only to the people involved. On the blog, it becomes public.

Four, hopefully this activity will encourage people as well as their representative to contribute to healthy democratic practices.We welcome the people of this constituency to make this space vibrant.

We hope the posts and dialogue will be mature - we will, without assigning reasons, be constrained to remove unparliamentary posts. And all comments will be moderated by us before posting them on to the blog.
Great Intentions. Hope things work out for the better.
I have no idea what your MLA stands for and got here while searching for another blog. However, your explanation of what your blog is supposed to stand for speaks a lot about the maturity of it's creators. If you mean what you say, it's a remarkable idea. Good luck.
is this till at work....?
Hi There,

I'm always like the people who are honest and enthu. Though i support DMK now a days. I like the way you deals with public thru web. This is the first i see from MLA say 3 crore. Noone says how much fund allocated to anyone. Just it goes to their pocket. It should be open to public and clearly everyone should know how it's being spend. I'm in your constitutio. Next election vote will be for you.

If the postings are in Tamil also more people might be benefited.

Any efforts are taken to publicise about this blog to the people of the constituency ?

Whether any grievance suffered by the public can be sent through this blog ?

Whether any appropriate action shall be initiated to solve the grievance ?
Dear Sekhar Sir,
Its been a wonderful effort from you especially honoring the dead is a great virtue by itself. I am deeply moved by your gesture to give a honorable cremation to the nameless & faceless. May God Bless you with all good things in this world.
Warm Regards,
doing great work. keep it up!
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