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Thursday, June 01, 2006
  S. Ve. Shekher is Mylapore's MLA
Actor S. Ve. Shekher has been elected to represent Mylapore as the new Member of the Tamil Nadu state Legislative Assembly (MLA). In the elections held on May 8 ( the votes were counted on May 11), Shekher won by a small margin of about 1,700 votes. His closest rival was the DMK candidate, actor Napoleon.
A resident of Mandaveli and best known as a popular Thamizh theatre and cinema personality, Shekher decided to celebrate this victory by taking his family and close friends out to dinner on Thursday night.

He took time off before the party began for this telephonic interview with the Mylapore Times.

It was a tough fight, wasn't it?
Well, the fact that I won by about 1700 votes is a good record. After all, even the great Kalaignar has won his seat in Chepauk by a margin of only 8,500 votes.

Did you expect a bigger margin?
I did. But the Lok Paritran candidate seems to split the votes. Votes from the Brahmin community, the educated and of the young seem to have gone to the Lok Paritran candidate.

So, what are the first lot of issues you plan to address?
I think the traffic problem is gettng severe and needs attention. Parking is also a major issue and we need to address that. I am also concerned at the lack of toilets in our slums and kuppams. We must provide these people with basic facilities.

Do you intend to work from home?
No. We should have a MLA's office up and running soon. We will also set up phone lines that the public can access.

But as an Opposition MLA you will have limitations?
Yes. However, as the MLA of a constituency I will make representations and seek relief. If that is not forthcoming, I will fight. I want to be true to my constituents who have elected me. I will also seek my party leader's guidance.

Will your new job responsibility affect your theatre activities?
Not really. All along, theatre has not been a fulltime profession. That goes on in the evenings. It will carry on as it has always been. After all, even theatre can be used to share ideas and propagate issues.
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