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Saturday, July 15, 2006
  Cam-toting MLA
There could be some sting operations conducted in Mylapore very soon.
But they will not be by TV or cable channel teams.
Mylapore’s MLA, S. Ve. Shekher, is planning to put his digital camera to public use.
And his lens will be focussed on high-rise buildings which seem to have violated building norms or exceeded the limits prescribed.
He says such violations are affecting other residents and encroaching on public space.
So when he is on the rounds, the MLA plans to ‘film’ these buildings and then show them as proof of his claims.
The promoter of one such building quickly raised a huge screen on the facade after pictures were taken of the construction, he says.
Like this all encrachments on pavements adjacent to busy road either permanent or temporary nature should be exposed for pedestrian's benifit.
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