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Friday, June 23, 2006
  MLA meets Adyarites at face-to-face meeting
The MLA for the Mylapore constituency ( which covers most parts of Adyar), S. Ve. Shekher says that street lighting should improve once the maintenance of street lighting is handled by private agencies, a plan that is on the cards.
The MLA said this at a face-to-face meeting that was held in Shastri Nagar on Saturday morning. The meeting was held to enable Adyarites to present local issues that affect the colonies here.

Shekher said that the Corporation intends to start the process of privatisation in one area of Mylapore soon.
He was responding to plaints from residents from Shanthi Colony and Venkateswara Nagar about 'dead' street lights.
Shekher also said that the Corporation Commissioner was responsive to civic issues and he, as MLA, would represent such issues that were mailed to him.

"Instead of merely listing your issues, please also state viable solutions and give us a background of the issue you want to raise," Shekher told the gathering.
Only about 30 people attended the meeting and only seven people raised civic issues related to their colonies.

Shekher said that during the last four weeks since he was elected he has been studying the various functions of the state departments and its officers in order to understand their powers, duties and operations. "This should give me a better idea on how to address the issues people raise," he said.
Shekher said that since the time he had opened an email ID account ( he has received about 190 e-mails and almost all of them related to local civic issues which should be handled by local area Councillors.

He said that the plaints submitted at the Saturday meeting would be studied and forwarded to the departments which must address them.
Shekher said that he devoted the morning hours to work in the constituency and that he was willing to attend meetings organised by local associations.
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