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Friday, June 09, 2006
  The civic issues raised
At the first face-to-face meeting with the new MLA ofMylapore, a few important issues were raised. Listed below are the main issues and the response of MLA, S.Ve. Shekher.

Issue : Stoppage of conduct of weddings of poorcouples inside Sri Kapali Temple and of rituals on the banks of the temple tank has affected different sections of people.
MLA : Have a meeting with the temple managers soon.

Issue : Restoration / increase of MTC bus services plying in the Mandaveli-Mandavelipakkam areas.
MLA: Will take it up with MTC.

Issue: Levelling of some roads in the Norton Road-Mandavelipakkam area because the uneven heights cause flood water to flood some streets, creating problems
MLA : To take up this issue with the civic authority.

Issue : Rename Norton Road Ki. Va. Jaganathan Road after the well known Thamizh writer who used to live here.
MLA : To take up this issue with the civic authority.

Issue : Opening up the grounds in the P. S. High School campus to Mylapore’s youth for sports activities. Access to this ground was closed over a year ago because of some ‘undesirable’ acts. The access will provide more open spaces to children.
MLA : Need to discuss the issue with the school and access if allowed will need to be regulated.

Issue : Continuance of Regional Transport Office in R.K. Nagar (R. A. Puram) is contributing to pollution and civic problems in a densly resindential area. Mustbe shifted out.
MLA : To take up this issue with the Transport Department.
This is a commendable effort. I congratulate Mylapore times on this. i have just one request though. Would you be tracking what happens OF these issues that have been raised? We know the MLA is going to meet up with respective people...

That would be great to promote transparency in the government. Something that we lack.

THank you,
Yes indeed.

Mylapore Times will track the key issues/projects that the MLA promises / plans / wants to promote.
It isnt an easy job considering the fact that a newspaper like ours has much more to do than run a MLA's watch.

Thankfully, a group of young researchers and activists are now planning to work with the MLA and also track the issues and these people may well send us feedback.

It is also the job of people to keep a tab and any feedback is welcome.

Unfortunately, deducing from the outcome at two face-to-face meetings that the MLA has taken part in, people continue to talk about broken streetlights and speed breakers and encroachments when mush larger issues need to be planned, talked and debated at the MLA level.

- Mylapore Times Team
It has been more than a month since the issue was raised. What is the feedback/response on increasing MTC buses through Mandavelipakkam??
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