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Saturday, June 24, 2006
  MLA meeting : civic issues raised
These were some of the issues raised at Saturday's face-to-face meeting with the Mylapore MLA.
1. Shanthi Colony (off Jeevaratnam Nagar) residents said the roads were potholed, that street lights did not burn very often and that autos took up most of the space on the street.

2. Venkateswara Nagar residents said that sewage overflowed on the 2nd and 3rd Streets because the connections led to an 'illegal' line in the area and that this issue had been raised many times with the state agencies and nothing had been done.

3. Sastri Nagar and Adyar residents said that the L. B. Road arm of the Adyar flyover did not solve the traffic flow problem and that it would make sense to demolish it and restore the pavements on the main road here.

4. Padmanabha Nagar residents opposed the suggestion to re-design / removal of speed breakers that had been put up on 5th Street with police permission, saying that there was a need for more speed breakers since the traffic flow from areas like Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur which take this short cut, had increased and because students in local schools used on this street.

5. Sastri Nagar residents were very vocal about the noise, air and soil pollution which was caused by the MTC depot situated on the main road around which colonies and apartments have come up.
They said that as a first step, the MTC MD should ask the drivers to park buses on the western side, rather than on the eastern side, due to which the smoke blew into the houses.
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