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Saturday, September 08, 2007
  MLA allots Rs.1.20 crores for three projects
Mylapore MLA S. V. Shekher says that he is allotting a sum of Rs.1.20 crores from his MLA Fund to three major projects in the area.
A sum of Rs.50 lakhs is to be used by the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) to complete the civic works at the MTC's Foreshore Estate bus terminus.
Though a majority of the work which included building a compound wall, office and rest rooms and roof and shades was completed, some more civic work was left incomplete due to lack of funds.
A sum of Rs.50 lakhs will also be allotted to the Chennai Corporation to expand the gasifier facility at the cremation campus which is behind the DGP's office in Mylapore.
A third sum of Rs.20 lakhs will go towards building an indoor sports facility at one end of the Alphonsa Ground of Chennai Corporation off South Canal Bank Road, Mandavelipakkam.
Shekher says there have been consistent requests from the community to build an indoor hall and this hall will serve as a badminton court.
It will come up on the area where the basketball court which is in a bad shape is located on this ground.
The MLA says that he suggests that a concrete roof be built so that in future more floors can be added for play area for indoor games like carrom and table tennis.
Shekher's fund is Rs.3 crores. He says he would like to consider other projects to fund during the course of the year.
"I welcome people to make suggestions," he told Mylapore Times. "But let us not talk about new flyovers and large buildings for which we don't have the money. Let us look at key local needs."
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  MLA says people want him to address small, local issues
S. V. Shekher says that people of the constituency address him with small and local issues which is not in the domain of a MLA.
He was responding to a query from 'Mylapore Times' as to why the MLA is not in the thick of local projects and issues.
What he may not want to reveal on record is the fact that a MLA who is in the opposition ( Shekher is in the AIADMK party) hardly gets 'space' to make his role felt in the community.

Reason why you do not hear or see the Mylapore MLA at key places.

Shekher says he has been handling issues like garbage clearance, water supply and condition of streets and roads but he does not seem to have made much headway on more important issues.

He says that people call him to share their local problems on weekends or on holidays when it is convenient for them. They do not go beyond this, he says.
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