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Saturday, September 08, 2007
  MLA says people want him to address small, local issues
S. V. Shekher says that people of the constituency address him with small and local issues which is not in the domain of a MLA.
He was responding to a query from 'Mylapore Times' as to why the MLA is not in the thick of local projects and issues.
What he may not want to reveal on record is the fact that a MLA who is in the opposition ( Shekher is in the AIADMK party) hardly gets 'space' to make his role felt in the community.

Reason why you do not hear or see the Mylapore MLA at key places.

Shekher says he has been handling issues like garbage clearance, water supply and condition of streets and roads but he does not seem to have made much headway on more important issues.

He says that people call him to share their local problems on weekends or on holidays when it is convenient for them. They do not go beyond this, he says.
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