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Saturday, July 15, 2006
  MLA says some local officials are ‘not co-operative’
Mylapore MLA S. Ve. Shekher says that he is calling for a meeting of the engineers of various state agencies like Metrowater and Chennai Corporation to work out ways in which they can co-ordinate their on-ground civic works.
He says this will avoid hiccups like one agency digging up a road for one job and another doing the same days later for its job.
The MLA however says that some local area engineers are not responding to issues that he has represented to them.
He hints that this could be because he belongs to the Opposition AIADMK party.
Shekher also said that one or two police officers based in Mylapore were not responding to his petitions and suggestions though some others were taking up the notes he had forwarded to senior officers like the JCP in charge of traffic.

Mylapore Tahsildhar’s Office
The MLA says he has been receiving representations from the public on the response of staff at the Tahsildhar’s office of the area based off Greenways Road in R. A. Puram. Shekher says that people are forced to pay bribes even to get ordinary jobs processed here and that junior-level staff are rude to the public.
“Most of them are temporary staff here. So their attitude is haughty,” he says.

Response to power problem
Shekher claims that he was in the thick of action when a major power failure took place last weekend when a key power distribution line off Mandaveli burst following a puncture. He says he took charge at the local EB office and personally answered calls from the public.

Preparation for Assembly session
The MLA says he is preparing a list of issues he wants to raise in the state Assembly when it meets in late August. The issues will have to be the key ones that affect the area.
  Cam-toting MLA
There could be some sting operations conducted in Mylapore very soon.
But they will not be by TV or cable channel teams.
Mylapore’s MLA, S. Ve. Shekher, is planning to put his digital camera to public use.
And his lens will be focussed on high-rise buildings which seem to have violated building norms or exceeded the limits prescribed.
He says such violations are affecting other residents and encroaching on public space.
So when he is on the rounds, the MLA plans to ‘film’ these buildings and then show them as proof of his claims.
The promoter of one such building quickly raised a huge screen on the facade after pictures were taken of the construction, he says.
Saturday, July 01, 2006
  MLA opens office

S. Ve. Shekher has opened his office at on Kutcheri Road (near the Buckingham Canal Bridge in Mylapore and in the Chennai Corporation premises).
A passing women hawker was invited to cut the ribbon. The MLA’s office (106, Kutcheri Road) will be open between 10 am and 1 pm and 2 pm and 6pm
  MLA vs. councillor
A spat took place between the Mylapore MLA and councillor Selvi (of the DMK) at a Corporation office off Kutchery Road, Mylapore, on Friday morning.

S Ve. Shekher, the MLA who belongs to the AIADMK party, says that he decided to check out the space which had been occupied by the previous MLA and take it, since getting a new office would take time.

When he arrived on the scene, the councillor and about 20 of her people gave him the cold shoulder. They claimed that the councillor needed this space to run her office since her activities were focussed on this area. A photo of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi was hastily pasted on the door and inside.

Shekher says the Corporation Commissioner had agreed to his request to occupy the place. The issue hangs, undecided.

Shekher had previously said that he had sought space on C. P. Ramaswamy Road so that Mylaporeans and Adyarites could access it.
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